So many great things are happening with Zija to kick off 2012. We are already having a record month in both volume and enrollment. There are new Enrollment Packages designed to maximize the Weight Management Sampler System. Team 250 and the Zero Overhead Model was introduced along with the enhanced First Order, Enroller and Sponsor Builder Bonuses. It is important everyone strives to become a Charter Member of Team 250 by the end of Period 45 when the Charter Member window is closed. There will be significant benefits for Charter Members only, so don’t miss the chance to qualify. I am sure you have also heard the buzz around the Mercedes Car Bonus Program that will be introduced the First Tuesday of Period 46. What an incredible year we all have to look forward to.

Perhaps the most significant announcement, as it relates to the long term growth of the company, and the tool that will be a huge factor in helping the company and each Distributor reach their growth targets in 2012, is the new Zija University. I have had many questions about how the Zija University system and the Discover Moringa Team system site (DMT) can work together.

To begin I want to emphasize the excitement all the top Leaders across Zija feel about having a company wide system that has created a unified bond among all the Teams. Zija University will have many functions but in this message I would like to discuss how it will work in conjunction with the Discover Moringa Team system website.

Getting a new Distributor Started and in the zone quickly.

This is the recommended sequence for getting a New Distributors started and how to use the resources from both websites. These steps to get a new Distributor started, including documents and supporting video, are the key to success and proper duplication. The sequence is simple.

1. Welcome Letter providing their Zija account information (UPDATED and available on the DMT site)
2. Path to Success to get plugged-in (UPDATED and available on the DMT site)
3. Zija University Fast Start Training and Lifeline Calls to begin the building process

Step 1 – Welcome Letter

Email the Welcome Letter (UPDATED) available on the DMT site and attach the Path to Success (UPDATED) resource document also from the DMT site. The Welcome Letter is a template you can customize if you choose. It has blanks to fill in with the new Distributors Zija ID, Temporary Password and Username.

Step 2 – Path to Success.

It is important to know that 75% of the people who join an Network Distribution company who either quit or never get started do so in the first 48 hours. They have second thoughts, they second guess themselves or someone they talk to steals their dream with negativity about something they know absolutely nothing about. That’s why it is critical they plug-in immediately and begin their belief. The Path to Success is a simple resource sheet. It lists websites, where to purchase business cards and tools (literature CDs and DVDs), sizzle calls, conference call numbers and times, etc.

When I sponsor someone in person, wether it is personal or for someone on the Team, I always have copies of the Path to Success with me so I can give it to them immediately. If I get the application on the phone it is emailed with the Welcome Letter. In either case I always mail a Welcome letter with the Path to Success attached for duplication reasons.

The ultimate goal is to go explain the Path to Success document to the new Enrollee within 24 hours and have them start listening to the conference calls beginning with the very next one. Here you have two choices. One is to go over it with them when you enroll them in person or on the phone if they are not with you. Second is to send them to the DMT website and have them go to the Training tab and click Getting Started (UPDATED) and watch the recorded explanation on video powerpoint. This is a great option for new Distributor who may not be able to effectively explain everything, for a busy person who does not have the time to explain it immediately and it is very duplcatable because it is the exact same thorough explanation each time.

Step 3 – Zija University

The first crucial function of Zija University is to get the new Distributor started correctly and in a very duplicatable way.
Zija University’s ORIENTATION section contains the Getting Started sequence the entire field will train from. It contains documentation on how to get off to a fast start along with video support as well as product and compensation documents also supported with video. It is a complete orientation guide for all new Distributors. I suggest everyone spend a little time getting familiar with this section.

The instructions on the Path to Success and on the DMT site will direct them to go to the Zija University ORIENTATION section, print the Fast Start Training Document and fill it out as they are watching the videos. It is strongly suggested this be accomplished within 48 hours. The Fast Start Training document then gives instructions to get their completed Fast Start Training to their Sponsor so together they can begin building their business.

Step 4. Start Building

After receiving their completed Fast Start Training document, go over with them their why, goals and their initial prospect list.The next step is to begin teaching how to contact and invite their prospects to receive Zija business and product information. Set up their grand opening and help them enroll their first two new Members. The last section of the Fast Start Training is to get plugged-in to conference calls etc. It has blanks to write in conference call times and numbers. My experience has taught me to get the belief building conference calls and resources to the new Distributor as fast as possible which is exactly what the Path to Success is designed for and why we want to give it to them first.

It is very important at this point you introduce your new Distributor to their plugged-in upline with a LIFELINE CALL. Just like a ship has lifelines in case someone falls into the water so they can be helped back aboard safely our new Distributor needs lifelines. It is impossible to build a massive organization by ourselves. It takes Team work. Every Distributor deserves support and the faster they grow and the larger the group gets it will be imperative that we are not the only person they can call for that support. What if you go on vacation or are not available for any reason? Should their business stop? If you understand leverage and Team building you will understand the Lifeline concept.

Ongoing Training and Development

Zija University is the first line of training and not only online but live with the Zija University workshops and seminars that are currently in development. Zija University has an amazing wealth of business and product training and will continue to grow in content. This is where all new Distributor can go to get documents and video support on how to use product and build the business including how to build a sampler system, have their Grand Opening PBR, follow up, learn about Team 250 and the bonus programs, compensation and so much more.

The DMT site will have additional training and marketing tips not yet on Zija U as well as training resources in international languages (just added Trinidad and Italy), online marketing training, recognition, Team communications and updates.

Master Distributor, David Moses’ One Team Worldwide website will also be an additional source for high-level business building information and timely Zija communication.

If you have not done so, go through this sequence yourself so you can see the rhythm and how simple this process is.

Pass it on!

Best of Success,

Ron Golz
Triple Diamond

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